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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Byron Glacier Hike w/ Diners Drive Ins and Dives Crew

Byron Glacier Hike w/ Diners Drive Ins and Dives Crew

We had a great day out with the film crew for the Food Networks "Diners Drive Ins & Dives" for a private glacier hike on the Byron Glacier. Ryan and I enjoyed spending the day with these interesting guys. They were came out with us as part a teambuilding pre-shooting excursion. They were heading up to Fairbanks and North Pole to shoot an episode for their Christmas special. We showed them two ice caves and all the great crevasse and moulin features that were opened up at the end of September.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Guest Comment from 8/24 Rabbit Lake Hikers

Dear Heather,

Pat Cable and I both agreed that your tour (hike) of the Chugach Mountain Front Range from Anchorage was the highlight of all our Alaskan hikes. Your knowledge of the terrain was immense and I will never forget you excellent direction at a critical time during our trek down the trail. Having lived in the city all my life, I was clueless about what to do, and you treated the whole situation with professionalism and style. WHAT A RELIEF!

Well, our best to you and our thanks to you for a wonderful day. Pat and I will feel very confident referring you, and your husband (ice hiking), and your company, to any of our friends visiting Anchorage.

You're the best tour guide ever!

A friend in Newport Beach, CA,
Rick Ruiz

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bull Moose a plenty on Anchorage Day Hike

Wonderful day out with Marsh & John from Texas that were on an Anniversary trip to Alaska. they booked several trips with us: Anchorage Day Hike, Glacier Hike & Rainforest Hike. On our anchorage day hike we stalked and found 5 moose and a huge Bull moose we were able to get fairly close to for pictures. What a great day to see so many moose. It was pre-rut so we had been consistantly seeing mooses at Glen Alps area on every Day Hike. The fall colors were technicolor, the alpine blueberries ripe and tasty and still farily warm temps with some flowers still visible. I was finding wild geraniums still in some of the areas around the muskeg which blew me away since they are some of the first flowers to bloom of the season! I gasped and my clients I don't think were nearly as excited as I was....I guess sometimes I am a geek and get super enthusiastic for flowers, moose, birds and animals. I never get bored of nature.---Heather

Friday, September 4, 2009

Portage Pass Private Day Hike

Amazing 70 degree day on a day hike to Portage Pass from Whittier. Had amazing heat that we could hike in shorts and a tank top!!! No bugs, tons of Salmonberries, spectacular views of the Portage Glacier and Prince William Sound, ripe alpine blueberries for eating and pristine kettle ponds and tarn lakes in the alpine pass. I was hoping to see a wolverine but no such luck! Just saw a docked cruise ship in the Whittier harbor, birds, other hikers etc.