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Monday, March 31, 2008

Working on Star Trek 11 with Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures came up to do a second unit plate shoot for CGI work with the new Star Trek 11 that released summer 2009. Paramount hire The Ascending Path and about 9 of our guides to work as glacier safety, glacier support, stunts, helo coordinators, medics, and stunt doubles for Capt. Kirk & Spock!!! We worked for few days on this in March of 2008 but were sworn to secrecy until the movie released in the theaters. Basically they shot images that they then used in the Ice Planet scene, they used the ice caves on the Knik as a template to build on on a sound stage. Bill Billmeyer and Pete Gresham were both on camera and made the final cut in the movie as stunt doubles in the Monster chase scene and the large scenic aerial shot of Capt. Kirk walking on a glacier by himself after crash landing on the ice planet. Awesome project to work on!!! ---Heather Szundy